Since we started PNKs. our main goal was to grow organically and build a community of like-minded people around our ideas and XRPL, and this will remain our main focus as we move forward. As a community-focused project, we did, and we will continue to be honest and transparent with every decision we take. Our community will always be part of the process and we try to get everyone involved as much as possible.

NFTs are around for quite some time but only a few months old on the XRPL. We want to onboard as many people as possible through our cross-chain partnerships and open the door for possible collaborations in the future. As a community, we will have the chance to join different projects, connect and learn from others, and most importantly, grow together.

●100% of secondary sales royalties will be shared among our holders each month.
DISCLAIMER: You should not mint or buy any PNKs. based on this factor, royalties are collected once a secondary sale is made, are determined by market demand, and cannot be guaranteed!

●20% of the mint funds will go towards community growth purposes.

●Free drops for holders.

●Within the collection, 15 1/1s are hidden, we will design a mini-collection for each, based on its theme, and will help the holder prepare the mint. The holder will have full ownership and control over the art, collection, and mint.

With our PNKs. collection supposedly minting out we want to allocate 15% of the total mint funds for an apparel start-up so we can provide our community not only with high-quality art but also high-quality fashion clothes and more.

As we continue to build and grow with our community, we intend to design a fully rigged 10K collection and every PNKs holder will be able to claim at least 1 NFT for free.

If you are part of our community and have great ideas but find it hard to bring that to life yourself, we want to help you with everything we can. We will use everything we learned to help you build your project free of charge.